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SimpleMonitorUSBXPress resources


The SimpleMonitorUSBXPress is a single-chip bus-powered USB board that can capture address-event representation (AER) addresses and timestamps and send them to a Windows XP PC, where they can be directly acquired into matlab or into java programs. It was developed in the CAVIAR project. This page provides the code and design for this board and the mex interface to matlab. This code was later greatly expanded to the INI-AE-Biasgen boards, which also supports these SimpleMonitorUSBXPress boards.


Summary of capabilities

This devices speaks word-parallel AER with active-low request and acknowledge.

The emphasis in this device was simplicity of design and use. A single mex file provides access from matlab and it takes no arguments. The call is


[addr,ts,overrun]=usbaemon collects address-event data from mini USB AER board
addr are uint16 addresses.
ts are uint32 timestamps in microseconds, which have been unwrapped from uint16 values received from USB SI labs C8051F320 controller device.
overrun is double flag that is set to 1 when there is a driver overrun
(>16k events since last call) and 0 otherwise. If overrun is not an output parameter then warning messages are printed on driver overrun.

September 13, 2007
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